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William Delaney

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1971 I graduated from San Francisco City College with an A.S. in criminal Justice, 1972 from San Francisco State with emphasis on early childhood development, behavior modification and social learning theory.  I needed to know why black people accept what does not benefit us economically, socially, or spiritually.


I studied business leadership at U.C. Berkeley’s San Francisco extension about A.P. Giannini’s Bank of America during the earthquake in 1906, Sam Walton’s beginnings at J.C. Penney and Jim Senegal who was at Fed-mart which later become Price Club, then Costco. Of my favorites is Lee Iacocca and I am influenced by his book: “Where have all our leaders gone!”


I planned, designed and implemented The Bayview-Hunters Point College to nurture my need to inject positive images and serve my people in Southeast San Francisco.  My efforts were to allow youth to grow from where they were to where they were capable of growing, so I introduced educational, athletic, entertainment, employment and entrepreneurial activities; including boxing, martial arts, field trips to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Sea World and the Rosicrucian, Egyptian Museum in San Jose.


In 1972 I took the LSAT and GRE with intent to enroll at UCLA’s Law School Law School, but after a drive from Compton I decided to attend SMU in Dallas, Texas.  I did not like what I heard at SMU, so I decided to attend the University of Texas at Arlington’s Graduate School for Criminal Justice and Urban Affairs.  I realized I didn’t fit the social climate in Dallas, so I returned to California prepared to teach police science in California’s Community College system. 


Prior to the military I was taught in segregated schools where I was given quality answers, if I asked the right questions and committed that I would never betray my elders and ancestors, or disgrace the surname given by my father.  I write within standards of Maat, guidelines of Thoth, always take the high road; avoid the abyss, consult and follow my spirit guides.

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