William Delaney
William Delaney

Religion VS God

In my text I write about a time when God of Africa (Neter/Ptah) came to earth as a human, grew old, humans laughed at her; she gathered gods she had created to design a means of punishment.

The answer was Het-heru who got so caught up in her efforts that rivers ran red with human blood,so the gods came together and created a red beer that she drank, became intoxicated, again under their control and was made goddess of dance and laughter.  That is one of many stories plagiarized from Africa, but fast forward to Lake Nios in Cameroon August of 1986.



The lake turned red, fish and frogs died, flies feasted on dead fish and frogs a ground level fog traveled across the land, killed 1800 people and left blisters on cattle.  Scientist concluded that an underground earthquke inonized the lake and released a poisionous gas as has happened many times in thousands of years in Africa.   In ancient africa the eldest son slept close to the floor, because it was believed that was proper for the most important child.


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